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About me

I like to work with people in an honest and empathetic way.  My aim is to always work without judgment & to try to understand you as a person, but I do also believe in challenging unhelpful beliefs and possibly behaviours too.  I am not there to always agree with you, or to tell you what to do.  These are some of the perhaps more unexpected ways in which therapy can help create change.

I’m trained in a pluralistic way (which means I work with a mix of different/psychotherapeutic theories).  One of my main ways of working calls on Person Centred thinking.  To put that more simply - I work from the perspective that you know you want to improve your life/are driven to try to do this but are probably finding it hard to know what stops you.   I also frequently use Object Relations knowledge to help the work.  This looks at the way we see ourselves through the lens of our most important attachments (parents/caregivers etc.) in childhood, and how we relate to others now.

I have an advanced PGDip in Therapeutic Counselling (and am finishing a BA in Psychotherapy), as well as level 2 & 3 Counselling qualifications.  In addition to this I have an MA in English (& Arts, including Philosophy which I use in my work), as well as a long list of life experiences.  I have undertaken training Dissociative Disorders, Hoarding, Grief, Attachment and Addiction.  I am also undertaking some training in Polyvagal Theory (looking at how our body remains in a dysregulated state/on high alert or another now defunct state, long after the threat has gone).  I would not claim to be a specialist in any of these areas but work with some understanding.

I am a member of the BACP; the industry ethical and regulatory body.

Henrietta Goldie

Psychotherapy & Counselling