Henrietta Goldie

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Recovery in understanding

Client feedback

Here are just some of the reviews and feedback I have received from clients:

“Henri helps you to open up and understand the feelings or situations you are dealing with and works with you to process them and move forward.
She never judges and always makes you feel at ease, and most importantly what she does works.”

“I have gained so much from our counselling sessions and general chats we had. Didn't quite put the world to rights but we had a really good try. You have helped me to realize I am a much stronger person than I realised and made me proud of my achievements. I still have bad days but am in a much better place than I was.”

"I have been working with Henri for around 1.5 to 2 years now, and I can truly attest to the profoundly positive impact the service Henri offers has had on me. Henri is kind, thoughtful and her innate ability to know how to help you challenge unproductive thoughts and patterns whilst always remaining sensitive and trauma informed has equipped me with a level of self-understanding, self-compassion and skills to better cope and regulate my emotions than I ever thought I'd be capable of. Henri is one of the most compassionate human beings I have ever had the privilege of meeting and I can truly attribute the leaps and bounds in my recover after years of stagnation to the valuable work she has done with me over this time.   I can't sing her praises highly enough."

Henrietta Goldie

Psychotherapy & Counselling